One Week To Go And The Fuller House Season 3 Trailer Has Arrived!

by Christine Marie Attardo

“Oh Mylanta!” It’s finally here! After much anticipation we get a trailer for the new season of Fuller House! With only a week left before season 3 premieres on Netflix, a trailer was way overdue, but hey, we’ll take what we can get!
Take a look:

The theories are in! I’ve been a super fan of Full House my entire life and if one couple sticks out among the rest, it’s DJ and Steve. So, Steve is getting married in Japan, huh? Who thinks that’s not going to work out? It would be the perfect spot to take a season break after the initial nine episodes.
My only hope is that they don’t end the season with that episode. I like a good cliffhanger, but I don’t like an unbearable one! Other than that, I think the trailer is well rounded and full of that family fun that made the show so charming in the first place.
What are you doing this weekend? Binge-ing Full House and Fuller House seasons 1 and 2? No? That’s just me.
Fuller House season 3 premieres on September 22nd on Netflix.

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