Natalie Portman Faces The Unknown In Annihilation Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Paramount Pictures has unveiled a trailer for its upcoming film Annihilation. In it, Natalie Portman stars as a biologist who leads a team into a quarantined area of wild and seemingly alien plant life. Equally harrowing is the debriefing she experiences upon returning from the site. What did she find in there? And why did her husband (Oscar Isaac) volunteer to go into the zone?

Based on the novel by Jeff VanderMeer, the film is written and directed by ExMachina‘s Alex Garland. So, it’ll at least be an interesting science fiction idea and possibly a great film. Besides Portman and Isaac, the film also stars Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Annihilation arrives in theaters on February 23rd, 2018.

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