The Squidgiest Hellboy Ever – Plushies From Funko

by Hannah Means Shannon

Having recently announced Hellboy Funko Pops, to the delight of fans, and paving the way for the upcoming film currently filming, Funko have also dropped the news that plushies are on the way. The most cuddly Hellboys are making their way to us–with and without demon horns.
And the rest of the team is alarmingly cute, too! You don’t have long to wait–they’ll arrive in November.
Hero Plushies: Hellboy
Some of your favorite characters from Mike Mignola’s comic book series Hellboy are now featured as Hero Plushies! This series features SuperCute stylization of Hellboy with and without horns,
 fish-man Abe Sapien, and pyrokinetic Liz Sherman!

Coming in November!

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