Meet Russia’s Violent Visionary Director Ilya Naishuller

by Tito W. James

Warning the following content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Naishuller first got mainstream attention when he directed a first-person POV music video for the Russian indie rock band Biting Elbows.

The success of the music video attracted the attention of film producers enabling Naishuller to go on to direct the feature film Hardcore Henry, a first of it’s kind POV action movie.
The film is more than just a perspective gimmick. The story is best told in the  first person perspective because Henry learns about the plot in time with the audience.

After Hardcore Henry Naishuller went on to direct the music video False Alarm for The Weekend.

Naishuller isn’t a one trick pony. While many of his works are fun first-person action movies he’s also done more somber works. With the right story he could direct something Oscar worthy.

Whether it’s first-person POV, long uncut shots, or a story taking place in reverse, Naishuller uses the medium of film is ways we haven’t seen before while still making it fun to go to the movies.

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