Leonardo Da Vinci, His Female Apprentice & A Robot – Monstro Mechanica From Aftershock In December

by Hannah Means Shannon

Well, that headline kind of says it all, and at the very least says a lot. Aftershock Comics are bringing us our newest historical-genre-mashup series in Monstro Mechanica in December.

Aftershock explains:

At the height of the Renaissance, warring factions vie for control of Leonardo da Vinci’s destructive arsenal. The only thing standing in their way is Leonardo’s young apprentice and her nine-foot tall mechanical bodyguard. Together, they navigate a world of wicked men and war machines, determined to save Leonardo from the world-and the world from Leonardo.

The series is written by Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and illustrated by Chris Evenhuis (Wynonna Earp) and is described as a “swashbuckling adventure story about war, identity and the birth of the modern world”.
Though many people know the name Leonardo da Vinci, only more recently have people started to become more aware of da Vinci’s military endeavors and the role he played as advisor in military technology and strategy at several courts. This series looks like it’ll play well into areas of da Vinci lore that are less explored to bring us an entertaining, steampunk-ish tale.
Look out for Monstro Mechanica #1 on December 13th, 2017.

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