Supernovas And Job Hunting In Green Lanterns #33

by James Ferguson

Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are called to the planet Mol within their space sector to help save an alien race from total annihilation as a nearby star goes supernova. This is a welcome sight as it allows them to avoid their current problems on Earth as they’ve been forced to look for jobs. This assignment is trying for the Green Lanterns as the Mol people have accepted their fate. Can Simon and Jessica sit back while an entire species is destroyed?

What drives Green Lanterns has been the incredible strength of Jessica and Simon as characters. I’m happy to see that writer Tim Seeley picked up right where Sam Humphries left off, without missing a beat. All of the development that’s gone into these two characters is maintained and continues to grow. Jessica has overcome her agoraphobia to become such a strong-willed woman. She really loves her job as a Green Lantern and has one of the best relationships with her ring that I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, Simon is coming to terms with his troubled past and working to put it behind him, although he’s still just as headstrong as ever.
The idea that Simon and Jessica have to get jobs is a little annoying. It makes sense for other Earthbound super heroes to have day jobs in their civilian identities, however now that these two are tasked with patrolling their entire space sector, they could get called off-world at any moment. That means holding down a regular gig is going to be next to impossible. There are only so many lame excuses they can give to their bosses as to why they suddenly disappeared for a few days or had to leave early under mysterious circumstances. Ultimately, they’ll need jobs that allow for flexible hours so that limits their options severely.

Although I question the necessity of this (aside from needing money), it does provide some humorous and character-driven scenes. Jessica is forced to confront her past fears and how they have affected her life. There’s basically a whole in her timeline where she was completely off the grid because she couldn’t leave her house. Meanwhile, Simon has to talk about his past crimes and how they played out in the news. He can’t run away from that anymore. All of this pales in comparison to the adventures they have in outer space literally watching a star explode. How could you go back to a waitressing job after that?
Artist Eduardo Pansica continues to do a fantastic job on Green Lanterns. He really captures that sci-fi adventure tone that is so ingrained within the Green Lantern Corps, while also nailing the personalities of the main characters. Jessica is smiling and full of energy, rushing head first into danger, determined to save the Mol people. Simon has become more humble and less brash. He’s showing doubt which is something he’s not used to, however it’s helping him grow as a character. All of this comes through in Pansica’s pencils.

Alex Sollazzo’s colors bring Pansica’s artwork to life with vibrant shades that really pop off the page. You get that otherworldly feel on Mol as magma flows all around in bright yellows and reds. It’s nothing compared to the light given off by Jessica and Simon as they literally dive right in.
The sheer variety of emerald constructs in Green Lanterns is impressive. Most of these come from Jessica as she fights to keep the planet from tearing apart and killing everyone. We see Buddhas with nets and giant spiders weaving webs. Jessica has definitely come a long way from when the series started and she couldn’t even form a construct. These are elaborate and well-detailed. There are even little hairs on the spiders.

Green Lanterns continues to be the beacon of hope and adventure in the DC Universe. Sure, you’ve got Superman and The Flash, but there’s something special about two characters out on their own in the vastness of space, fighting to save aliens because it’s the right thing to do. In an era filled with grim and gritty super heroes, here are a couple that will put a smile on your face.
Green Lanterns #33 is currently available from your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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