Ezra and Sabine Face The Threat of Thrawn In A Preview of Next Week’s Star Wars Rebels

by Erik Amaya

Star Wars Rebels continues its two-episode block next week. But unlike the recent two-parters, the show returns to one-episodes stories with “The Occupation” and “The Flight of the Defender.”
In “The Occupation,” the Ghost crew return to Lothal as a new threat rises and the Imperial occupation enacts martial law. In “Flight of the Defender” Sabine and Ezra attempt to steal a TIE Defender prototype. If you’ve ever played Star Wars Battlefront, you know these are tough ships to deal with in space and in atmosphere. Getting some intel on the fighter would be good for the Rebellion, but as this clip indicates, Ezra and Sabine will have to deal with Grand Admiral Thrawn in order to do it. Unfortunately, Ezra’s attempt to distract Thrawn seems thwarted when he has a vision.

Star Wars Rebels airs Mondays on Disney XD.

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