Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson’s ‘Frankenstein, Alive, Alive’ Returns And Concludes In January

by Hannah Means Shannon

IDW have announced that a very special comic series will be returning for its final issue in January. The fourth and concluding issue of Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein, Alive, Alive explores the further adventures of Mary Shelley’s creation, and this will be the late Bernie Wrightson’s final work with the Frankenstein monster.

Prior to his passing, Wrightson had completed several pages and laid out the entire fourth issue of this series. Artist Kelley Jones, a lifelong Wrightson devotee, has agreed to step in and work from the layouts to finish the project.
Niles explains:

Bernie was more than a brilliant artist and collaborator to me, he was a dear friend. I am so happy to see this final issue finished by Kelley, an artist whose work Bernie greatly respected.

Liz Wrightson comments:

When Bernie realized he wouldn’t be able to complete the series we began discussing his options, and his first choice was to have Kelley jump in. Bernie felt that Kelley’s style would mesh with his own seamlessly, and it was important to him that the arc be finished and that all four issues form a visually coherent whole. He’d have been so gratified to see this issue published at last.

In addition to delivering fans an ending to the series, to help readers get caught up, IDW will be offering a 3-in-1 issue, Frankenstein, Alive, Alive Trio, which will collect the first three issues in an affordable format two weeks prior to the release of issue four this January 2018.

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