The Invasion Beings In Chinese Justice League Trailer

by Erik Amaya

With the debut of Justice League just a few weeks away, trailers from across the globe offer additional precious seconds of the film for fans to devour. But none are as revealing as this Chinese trailer for the film. It features a good amount of villain Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds). The New God and his parademons have been largely missing from previous trailer and commercials. Well, the parademons are around, they’re just less distinct that the League members or their leader.

The trailer also lets on that the Amazons repelled an invasion from Apokalips in Earth’s ancient past. Which sounds like a more interesting story than Justice League. Of course, that could just be my bias against the film talking. I’ve never gotten over an early trailer’s reveal that Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is friendless before he joins the League. Few conceptual errors could be greater than suggesting Barry Allen is a lonely nerd. The man is so friendly, he even wares down criminals! As a fan of these characters, nothing makes me more wary of the film than that. But I’d love to be proven wrong.
Justice League opens on November 17th.

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