Pastry School And Curse Breaking In New Orleans: Madeleines And Maledictions On Kickstarter

by Hannah Means Shannon

It’s the season for occult-themed comics and crowdfunding, and we’ve come across another candidate worthy of support, one which pushes the boundaries, consciously, of what we usually see in the comics medium.

In Madeleines and Maledictions,

Madeleine Wright is your prototypical debutante-next-door…except the part where she lied to her parents about going to the fancy private college and instead went to pastry school and now she’s on her way to New Orleans to open a bakery. OOPS. But Madeleine isn’t the only one with secrets. Momma Wright never told her about her grandmother, a powerful curse breaker with a supernatural ability that skips a generation. Can Madeleine juggle a brand new business, keep her mother at bay and find and destroy objects of pure evil? Not without help.

Created by comic artist Valentine Barker, writer Lela Gwenn, and letterer Frank Cvetkovic, and edited by El Anderson, the original graphic novel is described as “Kimmy Schmidt meets Supernatural” the campaign page gives a preview of several characters and a number of pages of sequential art:

Rewards for supporting the campaign, which runs until Saturday, November 4th, include bakery-themed tiers of comics, stickers, pins, and more:

Find out more about Madelines and Maledictions right here on Kickstarter and consider supporting this highly original work.

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