Gotham By Gaslight Trailer Reveals A Strikingly Different Adaptation

by Erik Amaya

IGN has posted the first look at the trailer for the upcoming DC Universe animated film, Gotham By Gaslight. And if there are two words to describe it, it would be “striking” and “different.”

The film is based on the 52-page one-shot of the same name by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola, but expands its universe to include characters not seen in the original story — Selina Kyle, Harvey Dent and and at least one Robin — into the steam-infused Victorian era Gotham. The Gotham by Gaslight concept has always been a provocative one. It eventually spawned a sequel, Batman: Master of the Future, and earned an official DC Universe Earth designation in the mid 2000s. Granted, I’m not entirely sure if Earth-19 is still the Gaslight world in the post-Flashpoint reality.
Nevertheless, the movie looks quite interesting as it remixes classic Batman character into the Gaslight milieu. These films are always of a certain quality and even if the production loses some of Mignola’s affinity for contrast, it appears as though it will be a satisfying movie experience.
Gotham by Gaslight is due out in 2018.

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