Crisis On Earth-X Sizzle Reels Offers Glimpses Of A Wedding And Nazi-Fighting

by Erik Amaya

We’re only two weeks away from this year’s Arroverse crossover, “Crisis On Earth-X.” And if you’re not already hyped for it, this sizzle reel The CW posted a short time ago will definitely help.

The casts of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow — except for J’onn (David Harewood) and Wynn (Jeremy Jordan) it seems — converge on Central City for the wedding of Iris West and Barry Allen. But since this is a superhero nuptial, someone has to crash it. In this case, it’s Nazis from an alternate Earth. Their aim may be simple invasion or something more insidious. But our heroes will band together in impressive group shots to save the day.
Oh, and we also get Wentworth Miller as Citizen Cold.
The event story line also crosses over into the forthcoming CW Seed animated series Freedom Fights: The Ray. Star Russell Tovey will appear as The Ray during “Crisis on Earth-X,” which begins on Monday, November 27th.

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