Dark Horse To Publish God Of War Art Book & Comics By Chris Roberson And Tony Parker

by Hannah Means Shannon

God of War is getting a new video game art book in a partnership between Dark Horse, Santa Monica Studio, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The book will give a window on the creative process behind the game’s development, but there will also be a limited edition version of the book and beyond that–this partnership will result in all-new God of War comics at Dark Horse.

The Art of God of War takes readers into the Norse mythology-inspired Midgard of the game and will include art, in-depth interviews, and a “behind-the-scenes journey to witness the creation of an epic of tremendous scale”.

The Art of God of War Limited Edition has a realistic “leather-like cover with bright silver foil and red gilded pages”. Enclosed in a clamshell case with a cloth-textured lining, The Art of God of War Limited Edition also includes a cloth-covered collector’s portfolio with two gallery-quality lithographs, and will be available for purchase through the PlayStation Gear store.

[The Limited Edition God of War art book]

There will also be a God of War four-issue comic series in 2018. iZombie creator Chris Roberson will be writing the adventures of Kratos as he”battles to control his own rage and understand his role as a father” when facing mythical Norse creatures. Artist Tony Parker (This Damned Band) will be illustrating the series.

The Art of God of War goes on-sale in early 2018 when the game ships, and is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop.

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