When You Wake Up A Deceased 60’s Rock Star, You Have To Rock

by Hannah Means Shannon

Nicky Soh is a graduate of SCAD (Sequential Arts Degree) in Atlanta, a cartoonist of admirable skill and virtuosity, and he’s been working on a personal creator-owned comic project since 2015 that’s now funding for a complete volume of 6 issues.
Rock, Mary, Rock is one of those comics that takes the relationship that has always existed between Western comics and manga and gives it a high-energy, fresh take in a narrative that’s bound to please music fans.
The story focuses on Mary, as you might guess from the title, a young teen who “accidentally awakens the spirit of a deceased rock star”. She learns that in order for the spirit to move on to the afterlife, she has to help him fulfill his ambitions of becoming a rock legend.
Soh is someone who was equally obsessed with music and comics from a young age, and is a guitarist and vocalist himself, bringing that passion to the narrative.
You might have even come across Soh at a number of conventions, where the individual issues of Rock, Mary, Rock, have been on offer. I encountered Soh’s cool and beautifully drawn book at Denver Comic Con 2017, and am happy to see the trade collection is now ready to bring to print.
Soh is working with colorist Jeremy Lawson on the project.
Check out some of the newly colored pages below:

The campaign is running until January 2nd, 2018, and is well on its way toward being funded.
You can watch the trailer below:

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