Katriona Chapman’s Dramatic Mexico-Set Memoir ‘Follow Me In’ Announced For Fall 2018

by Hannah Means Shannon
Publisher Avery Hill has released information about several new graphic novels they’ll be publishing in 2018 today, and one of those new volumes will be Katriona Chapman’s Follow Me In, clocking in at over 250 pages.

In Follow Me In, Kat had no responsibilities and nothing to tie her down after graduating university and making no plans for her future. She’s an artist who hasn’t drawn in five years and is “lost”. Meanwhile, she’s been avoiding her boyfriend’s growing problems with alcohol. Trying for a fresh start, they leave their jobs and go to Mexico in search of adventure. They get more than they planned for in terms of life-changing experiences, and personal growth for Kat which brings her back to art.
This is a debut OGN from Chapman, and based on autobiographical experiences of journeying to Mexico, including pages from her sketchbook on that trip. Avery Hill describe the book as “part memoir, part coming of age story, part love letter to Mexico”.
Here’s a peek at some of the interior art on Follow Me In:

Follow Me In is slated for publication in Fall 2018.

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