Trouble In Paradiso? Preview Issue #1 From Ram V, Dev Pramanik And Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

We gave you an early-bird review for this recently, and if you look at the pages in that review and these, then that’s one pretty big preview ahead of this Wednesday’s release date from the talented writer Ram V and his equally talented partner in crime, artist Dev Pramanik.

The Midnight Event forever changed the world. Now, centuries later, Jack Kryznan arrives on the outskirts of Paradiso City, haunted by fragments of childhood memories and in possession of a mysterious device—one with the power to change the destiny of this living breathing metropolis, the people who dwell within, and the guardians who strive for and against it.

Check it out:

Paradiso #1 is out Wednesday, the 6th of December from Image Comics.

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