#AmWriting – Oddly Normal Creator Announces More Projects On Patreon

by Christine Marie Attardo

Perhaps you have heard me mention how much I love Otis Frampton’s graphic novel series, Oddly Normal from Image. I’m happy to share that the multi-talented creator is branching out with some new tales!
He’s been sharing details on his social media outlets and will launch his new Patreon page on December 9th.
As you can see, he has several new titles he’s working on. Here’s a closer look at them…

I love the name “Elliot Pickleberry.” I’m really looking forward to hearing more about these titles. They all seem exciting, and quite different from each other. Yes, that’s me judging books by their cover. Because of Oddly Normal’s whimsical nature, I can totally understand why he might be working on something in the light of the Oz we all know and love. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. The fun doesn’t stop there…

You really should follow Otis to enjoy all of his fantastic Jawa illustrations and everything else he’s working on. I really enjoy being able to witness imaginative projects come to life, even if it’s only by seeing bits and pieces through social media.
That’s one of the wonderful things about Instagram and Twitter in the comic book world. We are given access to the creation process and everything that comes with it. The sense of community is inspiring!

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