“Gloriously Goofy” – Reviewing Fu-Jitsu #4 From Jai Nitz, Wesley St. Claire & AfterShock

by Olly MacNamee

From start to finish (although there’s still one more issue to go) this has been one Hell of a divinely daft comic. And I mean that as a compliment.
In this issue, Fu-Jitsu, the ageless boy genius, is out to save his kidnapped android ex-girlfriend from the World’s Tallest Man, Robert Wadlow, with the latter possessing not only the fabled atomic katana, but having the added bonus of a future mapped out thanks to the previous support of PT Barnum’s prophetic and infallible gypsy fortune tellers! It would seem that Wadlow, now ruler of the world and residing the White House, has all bases covered as he shows down with Fu and his impressively sized super-robot which he stole from another dimension. As you do.
Got all of that? Good. Then I’ll continue.

Jai Nitz injects this wacky and wonderful series with a passion for the genre as well as a passion for telling fun stories that borrow from history as much as from pop culture with references and quotes taken from the sublime (Buddha) to the ridiculous (Sean Connery; in a previous issue, admittedly) and mashing ’em up to produce a comic book adventure that never stops for breath. A lot has happened already and each and every challenge, Fu has more than adequately met. But, has he finally met his match in Wadlow? I suppose the conclusion next month will cover that. For now, we are left with the bombastic showdown between good and evil, little and large. David and Gol…I think you get the idea.

As for the art? Well, Wesley St. Claire is more than up for the challenge, bringing a style and sensibility to the book that only complements the action-packed, high octane script. It’s not too serious and reminds me somewhat of Duncan Rouleau, he of Ben 10 fame: exaggerated, elastic expressions and an almost caricature-like cast of gloriously goofy goons. It’s like a really great Saturday morning cartoon, but on paper, and totally in keeping with the mood and tone of this comic. A great team on a great ‘funny’ book.
Fu-Jitsu #4 is out now from AfterShock Comics.

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