Bryan Singer’s Executive Producer Credit On Legion Removed

by Erik Amaya


Bryan Singer will no longer be listed as an executive producer on FX’s X-Men series Legion.
According to Deadline, Singer himself approached the cable channel to have his name removed from the series. Show creator Noah Hawley also told the site that the veteran X-Men director had little-to-no involvement with the development of the series. “He was interested in directing the pilot, but once I stepped in to direct, I haven’t spoken to him since that moment. Really, he was a name on the screen,” Hawley said.
Considering the X-Men his purview, Singer directed most of the main X-Men films except X3: X-Men United, X-Men: First Class and the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. He has an executive producer credit on First Class and was reportedly involved in developing the story.
Singer also directed the pilot for FOX’s The Gifted, earning an executive producer credit along the way. But as with Legion, his creative participation was minimal. Unfortunately, his contract for directing the pilot stipulates an EP credit on the series going forward, making the removal of his name more difficult as the recently renewed series plans its second season.
The director of films like Apt Pupil and Superman Returns is currently facing sexual misconduct and assault allegations. His behavior has been an open secret within the industry for many years, but like many other men who abuse their power in Hollywood, he was tolerated until very recently. Just as the most recent allegations were coming to light, 20th Century Fox fired him from an upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic staring Mr. Robot‘s Rami Malek. His production company was also asked to leave the Fox studio lot, making his EP credits on Legion and The Gifted his final ties to the studio.

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