Follow Barbarella Into The Heart Of Enemy Territory In Issue #2 This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dynamite are having a big week for releases, with several new single issues and collections hitting shops. Among them is the second issue of their new Barbarella storyline, written by Mike Carey, with art by Kenan Yarar.
Covers on issue #2 are by Marcos Martin, Paul Pope, Stephen Segovia, Fay Dalton, and Kenan Yarar.

Issue #2 means there’s still plenty of time to get on board with this series, one that unrolls an impressive fantasy world with plenty of plots and machinations. In this issue, you’ll find our heroine enlisted by Earth’s “underground” movement and faced with new allies that she doesn’t know much about. On the run in an alien city, she’s hunting for a “doomsday device” that might end the war, but questioning which side she should really join in this conflict.
Here’s a look at Yarar’s interesting, evocative artwork on Barbarella #2:

Barbarella #2 arrives in shops today, Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, from Dynamite.

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