Jesse Rath Says Supergirl’s Brainiac 5 Will “Grow On You”

by Erik Amaya


If there’s one element of Supergirl‘s return next week causing fans any trepidation, it is the look of Legionnaire Brainiac 5. As previously discussed, the character’s traditional green skin, blond hair and purple jumpsuit have been replaced with blue skin, white hair and a black leather uniform. The overall effect makes him more of an Andorian from Star Trek than a Coluan from the Legion’s 31st Century.
But actor Jesse Rath, who will play the 12th Level Intelligence when Supergirl resumes its third season, offered a few reassuring words via his Twitter account recently to quell Brainy’s literal legion of fans.

He also subsequently posted a definition of the word “turquoise” and a photo of the infamous “What Color Is This Dress?” meme, suggesting the character’s skin tone may lean more toward green despite every photo of him released thus far. Of course, his posts came before the extended trailer, which featured the first few soundbites of the character and indications that his sarcasm and impatience will remain in tact. Which, ultimately, is more important than getting that green skin color right.
Well, maybe. Legion fans — like myself — are known to be particular about the details.
Nonetheless, Rath’s good humor in the face of fan criticism is heartening and I’ll be watching his performance with great interest.
Supergirl returns January 15th.
(h/t: Heroic Hollywood)

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