Limited Edition Batman ’66 Henchman Sets From Figures Toy Company

by Gary Catig

Egomaniacal super villains always take center stage when ever they try to take over a city and battle the super hero, but what about the lowly and underappreciated goon or hired hand? They are the ones who do the dirty work and are on the frontline when buttkickings are being served. If you are a fan of the classic Batman ’66 television show, the henchmen of your favorite villains receive a moment in the spotlight with their very own action figure sets.
Tampa based toy company, Figures Toy Company, is known for creating toys with a retro and mego-like appearance.  They have announced the release of five character-specific henchmen sets based on the girls and goons from the 1966 Batman television series to supplement their Batman Classic TV Series line.  Each set is limited edition and contains one female figure and three male figures with appropriate clothing based on their villain. The crews available are from The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Catwoman, and the Penguin.
The sets are up for order here and are $99.99 each.





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