Sophia Bush And More Join The Incredibles 2 Cast As They Face A Threat “Unlike Any They’ve Ever Seen Before”

by Erik Amaya


Disney has released new details about the upcoming The Incredibles 2; including new cast members Bob Odenkirk, Katherine Keener, Isabella Rosselini and Sophia Bush.
Picking up shortly after the original film, Helen Parr (Holly Hunter) is called upon to help spearhead an organization dedicated to allowing the Supers back into public life; an initiative supported by Rosselini’s unnamed ambassador. And as Helen becomes the face of the family — and superpowered individuals — Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) takes over with things at home, including dealing with the teenage troubles of Violet (Sarah Vowel), the boundless energy of son Dash (Huckleberry Milner) and the enormous potential of infant child Jack-Jack.
Odenkirk and Keener join the cast as Winston and Evelyn Deavor, a brother-and-sister team at a leading telecommunications firm. Evelyn is the tech genius, making all of their innovations possible, while Winston devotes his days to helping the Supers come back into the light. According to the official description, he needs “a hero (or three) to help him change public perception.” But somehow, that makes him suspect number one for the film’s as yet unknown antagonist. A threat the synopsis refers to as something “unlike any they’ve ever seen before.” Could that threat be a younger generation of Supers? Sophia Bush also joins the cast as Void, a fan of Helen’s whose create voids and allow objects to “appear and disappear, and shift in space” could lead her into a lot of trouble.
Also returning for the sequel are Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone — real name Lucius Best — director Brad Bird as superhero fashion designer Edna Mode. The character of Rick Dicker also returns, but Better Call Saul‘s Jonathan Banks takes over for semi-retired Pixar vet Bud Luckey as the suddenly unemployed government agent concerned with keeping all Supers secret and safe.
Bird said long ago that he would only make another Incredibles film if he could find an interesting story to tell. And considering this mix of political themes and Bob’s sudden domestic situation, it seems he found it.
The Incredibles 2 comes to theaters on June 15th.
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