Go Fund Me: Helping Save Charlton Neo Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Launched in 2014, Charlton Neo Comics have managed to release a small number of comics on that time, and with critical acclaim, too. But, in a world where floppy copies are seen by many as a dying medium, it would seem that Charlton Neo Comics may become another victim of this trend. Their comic,The Charlton Arrow Anthology, for example, got into comic shops and the book sold out. But, “this was due to the fact that though demand was high, orders were low and in the current comics market, stores were happy to sell out and didn’t want to risk reorder”.
There is an official GoFundMe page for this campaign to save Charlton Neo Comics. After all this productive work, we are on the verge of losing it all. The comics have been a true labor of love but sales haven’t been enough to take the comics to the next level, where they can be promoted properly and reach a wider audience.
Pledges range from a very affordable $5 (which gets you a link to a digital comic of your choosing) to $100 or more, which will get you a piece of signed Mort Todd art from The Charlton Arrow and a signed copy of the comic it appeared in.

If you’ve already followed the link to the GoFundMe campaign, you can read more about it, but I’ll leave you with some heart felt words by industry legend, Paul Kupperberg, from his personal social media postings:

Since 2014, I’ve written close to 300 pages of comic book stories for Charlton Neo Comics, everything from superheroes to Westerns to romance to funny animals to science fiction. I can’t tell you how many pages Roger McKenzie has written, or that my frequent collaborators, Kennedy Twentyninecoveroad and Barbara Johnson Kaalberg have drawn, and I certainly can’t even begin to imagine how many pages and covers our fearless leader Mort Todd has written or pencilled or inked or colored or lettered or performed pre-production on…he’s had his hand in EVERY PAGE we’ve published. I also can’t speak for all our other contributors, at least when it comes to the volume of work they’ve contributed. But as to WHY we’ve all been working so hard, making all these hundreds of pages of comics, I think I can speak for all: We do it because we love comics.

Please take the time to have a look, as this is a sentiment I think we can all agree upon.

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