Shout! Factory To Release Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Singles Collection In May

by Erik Amaya


Though Shout! Factory’s regular releases of classics Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes has slowed as the owners of the films riffed on the series are reticent to re-licensed the material, the program still has a few upcoming releases like the recent Season 11 — due in April — and today, the company announced a May release for Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Singles Collection.
Each episode in the new set was previously released on DVD by another company in the early part of the century and never found their way into the numbered “Volume” box set releases. Consequently, copies of these episodes fetch a handsome price on the secondary market; which is, of course, a shame as episodes like I Accuse My Parents, Eegah, and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians contain some of the best MST3K moments. But now they’ll finally be available in one handsome collection with new intros from creator Joel Hodgson and a few other bonus features. The full list of episodes and bonus content follows:

·        The Crawling Hand
·        The Hellcats
·        Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
·        Eegah
·        I Accuse My Parents
·        Shorts Volume 3
Bonus Features
·        New episode intros by series creator Joel Hodgson
·        Man On Poverty Row: The Films Of Sam Newfield featurette
·        Don’t Knock The Strock featurette (portrait of the director of The Crawling
·        MST Hour wraps

As those of you who might ready my column, Your Weekend Cheesy Movie, here at Comicon know, I’m obsessed with cheestastic movies and MST3K was formative viewing for me. I also missed out on all of these episodes when they were initially released on DVD, so I am thrilled to see them available again.
Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Singles Collection will be available on May 22nd.

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