“There Is Always A Blank Page Waiting”: J.K. Rowling Talks Potter And Writing On Twitter

by Christine Marie Attardo

You know it’s a happy day when one of your favorite authors takes to Twitter to answer questions about writing. Perhaps you don’t fancy yourself a writer, but just a hardcore Harry Potter fan. Either way, J.K. Rowling often draws the attention of many on social media. Her political conversations have been note-worthy, but a few days ago she decided to talk about the writing process. Followers reached out with tons of questions and she answered quite a few.
The reason I absolutely adore these types of social media moments is because it provides so much encouragement and comfort to those of us who spend time with “the blank page” so very often. If a successful writer like J.K. Rowling can struggle the way we do, we are not alone. We are all in this together.
Take a look:
Advice for the writers…

A color-coded table is something I never considered…but I might start!
This was one of my favorite questions because there are so many different writing programs out there, yet I think more often than not, you’ll find successful writers using the simple stuff.

Ah, isn’t that the truth?
…and of course a bit of Potter…

(Read more here.)
Feeling uplifted? Now I’m just thinking…how cool would it be if J.K. Rowling wrote a comic? Perhaps we will all have to take to Twitter the next time one of these opportunities come up and ask her.

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