Unexpected Horrific Joy: Will The Exorcist Get A Third Season?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last weekend, I caught up on Fox’s spooky show, The ExorcistPerhaps, you recall news surrounding the first season as the story followed character Regan Macneil’s daughter and family. Regan Macneil was the original character from William Peter Blatty’s novel and probably the scariest movie of all time, The Exorcist. It was definitely a surprise to see that the demon had followed Regan throughout her entire life and even affected one of her daughters. However, that’s not all the show was about. It also followed two priests, Father Tomas and Father Marcus.
The second season of the show ended right before the New Year and focused solely on the two priests during their exorcism quests. While I appreciated the first season partially for it’s nostalgic value, I found the second season to be even better.

The story showed many different characters negatively affected by demonic spirits, creating more of a surprising and mysterious atmosphere. Most of it was downright horrific, but in an enjoyable kind of way if you like scary stuff. I think it’s cool what they’ve done with the show. There isn’t too much in the TV family that deals with exorcisms specifically, and I think that’s what makes this show unique. It also happens to dip a bit into the religion game and the politics that go along with it. Let’s just say, it was easy to binge ten episodes.
But will we get a third season?
Executive Producer Jeremy Slater couldn’t confirm the renewal, but he did reveal his plan to Deadline:

…At that point it’s about six months after Marcus and Tomas have separated and so Tomas has been on the road with Mouse for the last six months. They’ve left to take the fight directly to the Vatican and clearly something has gone wrong somewhere along the way. I think whatever that message Marcus is getting from God, it probably doesn’t mean good things for Tomas and Mouse…

Way to leave us hanging, huh? My fingers are crossed that the show gets renewed. Everyone needs a good scare once and a while. You can stream The Exorcist seasons 1 and 2 on Hulu now.

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