ECCC 2018: Black Crown Announces ‘House Amok’ And ‘Euthanauts’

by Hannah Means Shannon

The big announcement at the Black Crown Panel features Chris Sebela, who shared a project called House Amok, by himself and Shawn McManus, colored by Lee Loughridge, and lettered by Aditya Bidikar. It’s based on the psychological concept of “shared madness” where two people, either siblings or in a relationship, where one person lures the other into a delusion.
The star of the book is Dylan, one of two twin sisters, who live with a brother and parents in “middle of nowhere Oregon”. They all begin to buy into massive conspiracies, and get in a converted schoolbus and drive across America to bring down a “faceless conspiracy”. Dylan has to make important decisions, despite her young age. It’s a horror story where the biggest enemry is the family. Dylan has to go along with her family or be left alone in the world. It’s taken to a weird extreme, though based on family dynamics.
Bond praised McManus’ “style unlike any other”, which renders both monsters and children well.
The title of the comic was originally from a David Bowie B-side that was way too long to be a comic book title, but Bond was won over by the comic, not the ungainly title.
Bond described the book as a “crazy maiming and murder spree” about a family “caught up in something strange”.
Bond loves the “dysfunctional irreverence” of the title that will launch in Summer 2018.
Tini Howard will also be doing another project with Black Crown, a second project, which will be drawn by Nick Robles. Euthanauts will be a strange story with Sandman and Six Feet Under aspects. It’s about people who can travel to the afterlife by dying in a certain way. The afterlife is a “void” and “frontier” and there are ways to explore it. But what’s out there? Can our consciousnesses even interact with it? We follow Thalia, a receptionist at a funeral home, who represents how most of us feel about death: Spooked, fascinated, but not close to it, Howard said.
Thalia meets Mercy, a brilliant scientist who is very ill, and their meeting sparks the story. Their story will be “Oregon Trail” and a little “Donner party”, Howard said. It’s a book about that “Major Tom feeling” of wanting to explore, but not being sure how to “get that message back” if you “go too far”. We also meet a character called Indy, who comes from a “queer” and “witchy” series.
Robles had never done “floating panels” before, but now he’s using them a lot on the series, with large spreads, getting to bring in beautiful characters from many backgrounds, according to Robles. He tried to bring “realness” even to incidental characters.
The books will be published by Black Crown at IDW.

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