5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generation 47:

by Sage Ashford

Gekko and Ryogi are close to getting away with secrets from Konoha village’s lab.  Will Boruto and Shikadai be able to stop them? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Boruto and Shikadai catch up with Gekko and Ryogi and Shikadai tries to convince Ryogi to abandon Gekko again.  This time, Ryogi winds up with a headache before attacking them with a different technique, an ice crystal wall that traps Boruto and Shikadai at the back of the train so he and Gekko can get away.
Still, that’s not all there is to the crystal wall–the crystals contain a genjutsu spell that causes Boruto to see Byakuya Gang members when he sees Shikadai.   The two have a brief scuffle before Boruto gets caught in the Shadow Bind Jutsu and Shikadai cancels the genjutsu spell.  This was clearly supposed to affect both of them, but fortunately for Boruto, Shikadai’s family is close with another family in the Konoha village.   His father was trained by the late Asuma Sarutobi, boyfriend of the genjutsu master, Kurenai Yuhi.   Thanks to the close relationship the two of them maintained, Kurenai’s daughter Mirai spent a lot of time “training” her own genjutsu powers by using them on Shikadai.  Although that sounds like a pretty miserable experience for Shikadai, it’s resulted in his resistance to genjutsu being particularly high.  And it sets us up for him having the know-how to crack the genjutsu affecting Ryogi.

2. In the recap for the last episode, I pointed out there was a good chance Ryogi’s parents were actually killed by one of Gekko’s men.  Well, I was “wrong”. Sort of. As it turns out, Gekko himself did the job.  We never get a proper villainous confession, but as Shikadai tries to convince Ryogi to turn away from the Byakuya Gang, his memory starts to shift back.
But Gekko seems to be a master of manipulation and genjutsu curse spells, as he’s not only capable of keeping up a long-term illusion spell on Ryogi, but increasing it’s intensity as well.  After realizing Ryogi might have begun to care about Shikadai, he casts a more powerful genjutsu on him and sends him after Boruto and Shikadai to end them both.  The new illusion almost seems to compel Ryogi to burn himself out altogether, as he attacks the two ninja with a storm of deadly ice bullets.

He gets pretty near to harming himself for good when Boruto and Shikadai work out a plan together, propelling Shikadai through the air via Boruto’s wind jutsu.  It gets Shikadai close enough to cancel the genjutsu, which means Ryogi gets to live and it’s a happy ending for everyone…sort of.  The end of the episode sees Ryogi in jail and it’s hard to wonder if the character actually deserves it?  He certainly committed these crimes, but he also committed all of them while under mental duress.   He’s already a child, now he’s responsible for actions suggested to him while he was being mind controlled?  That’s gross.  I’d have preferred him simply not being mentioned until they wanted to include him in the plot again.

3. Gekko reveals himself to be both a scumbag, and a fair deal smarter than all the kids he has to deal with this episode.   Initially Shikadai tries to stop Ryogi on his own, while Boruto takes down Gekko.   By the time Boruto finds the leader of the Byakuya Gang, he’s already killed the last of his men on the train (profits divide best one way) and he’s about to separate the train cars so he can be the only person on the one with an engine.  Boruto stops him long enough to be a minor nuisance, but…he doesn’t do nearly enough to actually catch him.

And once Shikadai proves unable to take Ryogi down solo, he and Boruto team-up…but Gekko finishes the job and hops aboard the train with an engine to escape them all.   It actually fools you into believing Gekko just outsmarted a bunch of brats and got away clean…until the Seventh Hokage decides to make an appearance!  No doubt annoyed by the work the Byakuya Gang has made him and his officials deal with, Naruto immediately shifts into Nine Tails Chakra Mode and catches up to the train in a matter of seconds.
We don’t get to see Naruto very often, and this is exactly why.  They don’t even show Gekko going down, he just sees Naruto, there’s a shot of him panicking as he realizes his plan is wrecked, and next time we see him he’s in a jail cell.  His existence neutralizes his son’s altogether–even the main plot isn’t Boruto’s, as this episode becomes all about Shikadai.

4.  At last, we finally get to see what Gekko nearly stole.  If you’re a fan of the manga and films, then you’ll recognize this as a version of the Kote.  The Kote is a scientific ninja tool that plays a very big part of the Chuunin exam, and while I’d rather not spoil exactly what it does, it is kinda overpowered.  For sure, if Gekko had escaped and gotten this to another nation it would have been a huge get.  For now though, we’ll send this subplot back to the sidelines.   But not for much longer, I’d guess.

15. Next Episode: The Chuunin Exam is coming soon!  And Team 5 is panicked because they haven’t had many chances to prove themselves, especially after being sidelined for the last arc.   What will they do?  Apparently, film a documentary series…?
Guess we’re back to the silly stuff.  But the proper Chuunin Exam isn’t far off, so hopefully the comedy arc fades soon enough.
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