Help A Landmark NYC Comic Shop Establish Themselves In A New Location

by Hannah Means Shannon

JHU Comics in New York City is the successor to Jim Hanley’s Universe and has a sister store in Staten Island. A major hub of comics signings in New York, with a history that embeds it firmly in comic tradition (Neil Gaiman’s first Sandman signing was held at their Staten Island shop), it’s beloved to many creators and fans, and has a very well stocked array of mainstream and indie comics.
But the Midtown location of JHU Comics has lost their lease and is looking for a new home. To that end, they’ve establish a GoFundMe page to help with moving and refurbishment costs. That’s the good news—they have found a new location in a nearby residential neighborhood, but that new location seems to be a bit of a “fixer upper”.
They are looking for $30,000, and have already blown past $12,000 of that goal.
Here’s what JHU have to say:
Help JHU Comic Books, independent comic book store of New York City move to a new location and keep our store in Manhattan!
How often have you regretted the disappearance of longtime and iconic New York City business and establishments? With your contribution, you can help to keep an iconic New York City buisness open!
JHU Comic Books have been serving comic book fans in New York City since 2013 (and the owners worked at the legendary Jim Hanley’s Universe, which originated on Staten Island in 1985, before that). We opened our current store on 32nd Street after Hurricane Sandy, and now after 5 years, we lost our lease, and we need to move.
We have found a great new (and affordable) space a few blocks from our current location,  in a residental neighborhood. We will be moving from a highly commerical area, and are looking to reestablish ourself as a mom and pop shop. However the new space needs some major work. Floor, lights, bathroom, an awning  and more. This is where we need your help.
Your contribution will help to employ contractors to build out the store, temporary help to move to the new location and help keep ourselves and staff employed too, ongoing! We want to be able to continue to sell comics to you, your children and your children’s children too!
 We currently have a wonderful clientele, and by moving into this new space, we  are hoping to expand on that base and become even more of neighborhood fixture. Sadly, our kind of buisness is becoming a rarity  due to the onslaught of online retailers. We are not just a shop, we are an atmosphere! We look forward to continue to be able to serve New York City comic book fans, while keeping ourselves employed in the process!
We are therefore turning to you guys, the fans of comics, for help. JHU Comic Books is legendary for its well-curated selection of comic books and graphic novels, offering the best of the major publishers, and also of independent creators and small press offerings. Thru the years we have championed new and emerging talents, their expression and creations finding space on our shelves next to all the superheroes.  We carry a full range of comics for all ages, and our children’s section is one of the finest you will find.
Help us keep being the place “Where Art and Literature Meet!”
Thank You
Ron Hill and Nick Purpura
JHU Comic Books
As Ron Hill and Nick Purpura say, there are an awful lot of famous New York businesses just “going away” lately, fading out and leaving the city a less personal and connected place. Consider donating to help keep this shop in business, and the next time you’re in the town, whether you’re local or just a visiting Pro or fan, drop in and see their new digs that you helped them move into!

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