Madden ’18 Ultimate League Weeks 4 & 5: The Playoff Picture Develops For Legend Conference

by Gary Catig

At the end of Week 5, the playoff picture began to develop as some players booked their tickets.  The first of two featured games of the week pitted Drini against Dot City K-Aus.  K-Aus, sitting at the bottom of the Legend A conference standings, needed a win to keep his hopes alive for the post season. In the other featured game, True and Dubby faced each other. To this point, Dubby had owned their head to head meetings winning all of them. True was hoping to turn his luck around and finally defeat Dubby.
Drini was the first to get on the board in their match. Fortunately, K-Aus held him to a field goal.  On his first possession, K-Aus began his drive on his own 27-yard line. He still had the ball when the first quarter ended 0 – 3, Drini.
K-Aus couldn’t do anything with his possession and did not score. When Drini was back on offense, he had another score, but this time it was a 49-yard passing touchdown. The 18-year old also flashed some defense as he intercepted a pass. That lead to another quick score as he threw a 45-yard TD pass to take a commanding 17 – 0 lead. K-Aus would cut into that lead with a 76-yard passing touchdown. The score was 17 – 7, Dubby, at the half.
K-Aus would start the third quarter hot by taking the ensuing kickoff to the house. The near 95-yard return cut the lead to only 3. What once was looking like a blowout changed into a nail biter.  Later in the quarter, he would kick a field goal to tie it up. It would be short lived though as Drini had a kickoff return for a touchdown of his own.  His was even longer as he caught it within his own end zone.
Not ready to go down without a fight, K-Aus scored early in the last quarter. He successfully completed a 29-yard touchdown pass to tie the game again. Drini would come back and take a slight lead by kicking a field goal. His defense came up huge with a forced and recovered fumble on K-Aus’ final drive ending any chance of a comeback.
At the same time, Dubby received the kick off and ran it back to his own 32-yard line.  Later, he made his way down the field predominantly through the air. The drive was punctuated with a 2-yard running touchdown earning Dubby an early 7 – 0 lead. The quarter would end with that score, but with True in the red zone.
On the first play of the second quarter, True ran it in from 9 yards and the score to tie the game.  He was also able to force a punt and on the following drive, he tacked on another 3 points with a field goal. That would be the difference as the players headed into halftime with the score 7 – 10, True.
The second half began with Dubby kicking it to True. He continued his momentum with another scoring drive, this time covering 60 yards. It ended with a 50-yard touchdown through the air making it 17 straight unanswered points by True. Dubby finally got back on the board with a 64-yard scoring drive. He would throw it in from the 8-yard line.
In the final quarter, True would put a little bit more breathing room between him and his opponent by converting a field goal one-minute in. On Dubby’s next possession, he would make it into the red zone.  Fearing he might not have another chance, he went for it on a crucial fourth down. His gamble did not pay off as True batted a pass away resulting in a turnover on downs. He would end the game on a successful fake field goal on fourth down. Afterwards, he ran the clock down to come out with the W.
We were treated to two very competitive games. After the results from these games, K-Aus was mathematically eliminated from making the playoffs. It wasn’t all bad news, as True picked up his first win against Dubby. Although he lost the featured match, Dubby was able to punch his ticket to the post season later in the day along with Drini. Similarly, the man dubbed the G.O.A.T., Problem, also clinched a spot into the playoffs.  Below are the results from both Week 4 and Week 5 and the standings.
Week 4 Scores:
Tweez vs True                                                    21 – 9
Musafa Jones vs Dot City K-Aus                       12 – 0
Drini vs Musafa Jones                                       37 – 23
True vs Echo Fox Joke                                       12 – 5
Dubby vs Tweez                                                34 – 7
Dot City K-Aus vs Problem                               27 – 13
Drini vs True                                                      27 – 24
Musafa Jones vs Echo Fox Joke                        27 – 13
Week 5 Scores:
Problem vs Tweez                                            30 – 7
Dubby vs Dot City K-Aus                                 20 – 0
Drini vs Dot City K-Aus                                    27 – 24
True vs Dubby                                                  20 – 14
Echo Fox Joke vs Tweez                                   20 – 13
Problem vs Musafa Jones                                35 – 6
Drini vs Tweez                                                  31 – 13
Dubby vs Musafa Jones                                   31 – 10
Standings after Week 5:

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