Homecoming In Ruins And A Glimpse At Shattered Grid In Go Go Power Rangers #8

by James Ferguson

It’s chaos at the Angel Grove Homecoming Dance! The super Puttie monster that has been acting as the Rangers’ friend, Matt, for the past few weeks, has been exposed. Now the Power Rangers are understandably angry and upset about this turn of events. Rita has made this personal. Plus, she ruined Homecoming!

The Puttie Monster (who I’m going to call Faux Matt from now on) has transformed into a hideous amalgamation of man and monster. It is constantly changing shape, imitating the Rangers and pulling from their own nightmares. Artist Dan Mora creates just the right amount of terror. The Putties were never taken seriously in the TV show. They were mindless goons and we learn why that is in Go Go Power Rangers #8. Between this and Finster’s sleeper agents in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, there is a lot of deadly potential to these creatures.
When Faux Matt changes into the Rangers, they look a little off. They’re close enough that you might not notice the difference at first, but then when you look closer, you realize how unnatural it is. This is especially true when it unleashes its attacks, such as a brutal headbutt by extending its neck out like wild tendrils to hit its opponent from far off.  It’s super creepy. It’s like Venom mixed with Reed Richards.

Faux Matt has spent his time on Earth learning everything he can about the Power Rangers, both in and out of uniform. He knows their secrets and their fighting styles, which means he knows how to really hurt them, both on an emotional and physical level. The anger comes through in writer Ryan Parrott’s dialogue throughout the scene on both sides. Faux Matt taunts the Rangers as they lash out in rage and frustration.
The battle culminates once Faux Matt grows to kaiju levels. You’d think Rita would come up with another final move sooner or later. Anyway, Faux Matt morphs into a twisted version of the Megazord which you can see on the main cover for the series. As with the human-zed version, it’s unnatural, like the robot is smirking at his opponent. Swirls of the Puttie are seen in its design, like it’s struggling to hold its form together.

Parrott wraps up this arc as well as a number of other plot threads in preparation for the upcoming “Shattered Grid” event. Although this issue bears references it, only the last one and a half pages really tie into the new crossover. It reveals something we knew was coming from the promotional material that Boom! Studios and Saban Brands have put out already, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I was more excited about the other aspect to the final page and the implications made by its presence.

Go Go Power Rangers is a solid, character-driven comic that’s also filled with monsters and giant robots. It’s the best of both worlds. Parrott excels at personal moments between the Power Rangers and their families, making us even more invested in their lives and adventures. It makes the madness and heartbreak they’re about to go through in Shattered Grid feel all the more terrifying.
Go Go Power Rangers #8 will be available at your local comic shop on Wednesday, March 21st, and and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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