Rick And Morty Jam Out To Run The Jewels In New Music Video

by Tito W. James

Adult Swim teamed up with rap artists Run The Jewels to release a new music video starring fan-favorite characters Rick and Morty.
This isn’t the first time RTJ has teamed up with a franchise popular in the geek community. RTJ’s song Legend Has It premiered with the trailer for the critically acclaimed Black Panther and their song Chase Me appeared in the film Baby Driver.
This appears to be part of a new trend to match rap-stars with geek franchises as evidenced with the tie-in songs to Suicide Squad and Ninja Turtles.
However, when RTJ collaborates with geek franchises they make sure that the rap works by itself without the need to throw in obligatory references to the franchise they’re promoting. Tie-in rap has evolved from cringeworthy to damn cool.

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