C2E2 2018: Drink And Draw With Your Favourite Creators For Hero Initiative

by Olly MacNamee

Featuring the likes of Bill Willingham (Fables), Mike Perkins (Iron Fist) and Aaron Lopresti (Wonder Woman/Conan), for $20 you can drink the night away and bag a sketch on a specially created Hero Initiative coaster. All this and helping out a good cause, too. It’ll all be happening April 5th at the Hyatt McCormick Bar.

Fans will be randomly assigned an artist from all participating creators. Bring the coaster to your artist and they’ll create a unique drawing just for you! Help support a good cause and start C2E2 off with unique artwork from some of your favorite artists!

Check out more details here, but, be warned, you’ll still have a whole weekend of conventioning to do, so take it easy maybe?
Ah, who am I kidding. Enjoy!

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