Gotham Comes To Riverdale In ‘Archie Meets Batman ’66 By Parker, Moreci, Parent, Bone, Fitzpatrick

by Hannah Means Shannon

Archie and DC Comics have announced an epic crossover that will bring together characters from Archie Comics with the Batman ’66 comics universe. In this crossover, we’ll get Batman and Robin swinging into 60’s-set Riverdale. Groovy!

The six-issue mini-series will be quite a team up, with writers Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci, penciler Dan Parent, inker J. Bone, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, and letterer Jack Morelli all contributing.
Co-writer Jeff Parker says:

Look, we all want to know what Jughead and The Joker make of each other and we want to see the romance dynamics of Riverdale High thrown completely out of gear by bringing in Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. It’s very cool to work with a heavy hitting team of top talent. Michael and I synched up immediately with plotting, and Dan and J. Bone are the exact right cartoonists to make a mash-up like this really work.

Co-writer Michael Moreci adds:

It’s rare that you get a call to work with character/property that you love, but to do TWO at the same time? That’s more than I can ask for. And to work with such an amazing team — this is one of those rare dream projects, and I can’t wait to bring all this love to the series.

For artist Dan Parent, this team-up is a childhood dream come true:

I’ve been lucky enough to have a career drawing characters I love from my childhood. But the first show I ever got excited about (and my mom can verify this) was the original Batman series! So, the chance to combine these two big influences in my life into one project is a total thrill. And to work on it with Jeff and Michael, as well as my friend and colleague J. Bone, makes it even that much sweeter!

So what can we expect from the new series? Basically, a team of Gotham’s most notorious villains decide they need a new base of operations, and the appeal of Riverdale is too compelling to resist. But when the Caped Crusader sees their plan in action, Riverdale High has a couple of new transfer students: Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

Archie Meets Batman ’66 #1 goes on sale July 18, 2018 with a main cover by Mike Allred and variant covers by Derek Charm, Francesco Francavilla, Sandy Jarrell (with Kelly Fitzpatrick colors), Dan Parent (with J. Bone inks, Tito Pena colors), and Ty Templeton.

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