Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 8: A Clash Of Former Champions

by Gary Catig

During Week 8, we were treated with two great matches on paper. In the first game, we had a battle between former champions. The current top player in the world and owner of two championship belts, Skimbo took on the reigning Madden Club champion, Gos. In the second game, the leader of the Elite B division, Young Kiv, faced Joel CP.
Gos kicked off to his opponent to start the game. Skimbo started on his own 41-yard line and made his way down the field to score on his opening possession. He only took half the quarter to travel 59-yards punctuated with an 18-yard TD pass. With his first time with the ball, Gos was threatening in the end zone, but on 3rd and 12, he was picked off, ending his drive.  At the end of the 1st, Skimbo lead 7 – 0.
In the next quarter, Skimbo would add another touchdown pass to take a commanding 14 – 0 lead. This time he threw 62-yarder.  Gos would finally get on the board with a 32-yard passing TD. Skimbo would tack on a field goal to go into the break with a 17 – 7 advantage.
Gos began the third quarter with the ball after the kick off.  He was able to cut into that lead by scoring on a field goal.  Early into the final quarter, Skimbo would have a field goal of his own to push his lead back to double digits. The rest of the match, both competitors upped their defense as they alternated turn overs. Skimbo would come away with three interceptions while Gos recovered a fumble and forced a turnover on downs. Since no scoring occurred in the last four minutes, Skimbo would be victorious, 20 – 10.
In his game, Young Kiv was the first to get on the board on a 5-yard touchdown run. He would intercept the ball and at the end of the quarter, he was up 7 – 0. In the second quarter, he would convert that turnover into another 7 points scoring on a 15-yard pass. Joel quickly responded by taking the ensuing kick-off back 85-yards to the house cutting his deficit in half. Unfortunately, a few plays later, Kiv would throw a bomb, a 79-yard scoring pass, to push his lead back to 14. With two minutes remaining in the half, Kiv would have another interception. Before time ran out, he would score on the ground from 4-yards out to take a 28 – 7 lead.
In the second half, Joel could see the game slipping away from him. He was threatening on his opponent’s own 13-yard line and went for it on fourth down. His gamble paid off because he threw it in the back of the end zone for another touchdown. Any momentum Joel had was quickly squashed as Kiv scored another passing touchdown, this time from 73-yards out. Kiv would add a field goal to make the score a 38 – 14. This difference would be too much for Joel CP to overcome and he would eventually lose by the same score.
Despite a slow start to the season, after the 8th week of competition, Skimbo was able to pull himself to .500. Young Kiv would lose his other two games, but still maintain his top position in his division. You can see all the Week 8 results and the standings below.
Week 8 Scores:
Noble Prodigy vs Joel CP                                               34 – 18
Noble SteveyJ vs Young Kiv                                            38 – 30
Skimbo vs Gos                                                                20 – 10
Young Kiv vs Joel CP                                                       38 – 14
Noble Prodigy vs Noble SteveyJ                                     17 – 14
Blocky vs SpotMePlzzz                                                    19 – 16
Gos vs Young Kiv                                                             38 – 10
Joel CP vs Noble SteveyJ                                                 27 – 24
Standings After Week 8

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