Why I Can’t Stop Thinking About That Adorable Dumpling: Pixar’s Bao Short

by Christine Marie Attardo

So, I love dumplings…especially steamed dumplings. However, thanks to Pixar, I’m suddenly conflicted. What was once a delicious appetizer or meal has now become this adorable little thing…

As you can see, Bao will be the short that plays before The Incredibles 2 this summer. I kid you not, I will be buying all of the inevitable plush toys that are based on this adorable little creature. Pixar continues to churn out some amazing shorts to go along with their already awesome full length movies. It looks like this one is going to warm our hearts.

You guys don’t think he’s going to eat him, right?
Bao & The Incredibles 2 release on June 15th!

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