DC’s Streaming Metropolis Series Possibly Kaput

by Erik Amaya


The second Superman prequel series may be no more.
According to The Splash Report, rumors about the cancellation of DC’s Metropolis have surfaced with their sources saying Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment have “killed the development” of the series, due to stream in 2019 on the as-yet unnamed DC streaming platform.
The project — from Gotham executive producer Danny Cannon and John Stephens — was said to focus on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor prior to the arrival of Superman. The pair were recast as a sort of ersatz Scully and Mulder, who investigated the city’s penchant for science-based crimes. And considering The X-Files-like premise, it is always possible a romance was to bud between the two. The series may have also taken some cues from the 1988 World of Metropolis miniseries by John Byrne, Win Mortimer, Dick Giordano and Sal Trapani, which detailed some of the background of the Post-Crisis Metropolis, including the long feud between Daily Planet editor Perry White and industrialist Lex Luthor.
When Metropolis was announced in January, it was said to have a 13-episode straight-to-series commitment. So the sudden cancellation would be quite surprising if the rumor is true. Warner Bros. Television output based on DC Comics has been quite successful with the CW shows, Gotham, Lucifer and even Krypton finding their voices and audiences.
But as this is just a rumor, it remains to be seen if forces behind the scenes have scuttled the series or, perhaps, even the DC platform itself. It is still unnamed despite its other live action show, Titans, is in production and animated offerings like a third season of Young Justice and an upcoming Harley Quinn series are in the pipeline. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye as more news develops.

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