Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool 2 Praise And Other Schemes Of The Merc With The Mouth

by Erik Amaya

While it may seem Deadpool 2 went conservative with its marketing push, the quality of the stunts increased considerably.
Consider this Twitter post from former Wolverine Hugh Jackman, who offers “begrudging” praise of the new film:

Or this video of Deadpool — or is it star Ryan Reynolds? — attempting to apologize to David Beckham for comments made in the first Deadpool. As Wade’s antics get wilder, Beckham forces him to apologize for Reynolds-starring stinkers like Green Lantern and R.I.P.D.; which is a fair thing to extract from both character and actor when you think about it.

And no round-up would be complete without this loving parody of Marvel Studios’ #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign against Avengers: Infinity War spoilers.

The film itself is already earning positive reviews with some critics claiming it is better than the original and Infinity War. Maybe the “less is more” marketing tactic was the right course for Deadpool 2, which finally arrives in theaters next Friday.

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