The Power Rangers Form Their Counter Attack In MMPR #27

by James Ferguson

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been dealt a mighty blow by Lord Drakkon. They’re down a Ranger and have been playing catch up as Drakkon wages war against multiple Power Rangers teams across time and space. The team is not powerless though. They’re starting to regroup and rally together to stop this incredible force. It’s going to take a team up for the ages to do so.

For the first time since Shattered Grid started, the Mighty Morphin team gets a sense of what they’re really up against.  Lord Drakkon presents a threat unlike anything they’ve seen to date.  We see how his forces are attacking other teams, so long time fans of the franchise will see some of their favorite Rangers fighting for their lives in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27.
Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo delivers an incredible double-page spread that perfectly encapsulates the size and scope of Shattered Grid. It’s shown as a literal shattered grid with images of each team fighting off Lord Drakkon’s forces. The standard gutters are replaced with jagged edges and cracks. This is absolute war.

It’s harrowing to see the distress calls coming from other Rangers. They’re suffering just as much but they had even less of a warning for Lord Drakkon’s attack. At least the Mighty Morphin team had dealt with Drakkon before so they knew the danger he posed.
It’s great to see Jason really step up in his role as leader. We’ve seen him struggle with the weight of the title in earlier issues, but he’s in his element here. Maybe losing his friend put things in perspective for him.  Jason is quick to come up with a plan to take the fight to Drakkon, however it involves splitting up the team.

Jason has some one-on-one time with Lauren, the red Samurai Power Ranger. She had a very different upbringing and introduction into the team. This leads to some fun dialogue as the two realize how completely insane their lives are. Remember, they’re teenagers!
This becomes a rallying cry and a major moment in the comic. Seeing Power Rangers from multiple teams even just standing together will never get old. Di Nicuolo captures the intensity of these scenes, showing the concerned look on each character’s face as they prepare for what might be their final battle. This right here is what makes a hero. They’re up against insurmountable odds but still rush head long into the fray.

While most of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 is focused on the team, we do get a glimpse into what Lord Drakkon is up to. It’s very interesting to see how recent events, specifically his encounter with yet another alternate version of himself in the Power Rangers Annual, have affected him.  Writer Kyle Higgins has crafted an intriguing, multi-layered character here.  He’s not just a soulless evil monster. There’s more going on under the surface and it makes me wonder what else is going on inside his head.
Lord Drakkon looks down upon the other versions of Tommy Oliver. I’m curious about the other aspects of his past. The poor guy needs a hug. It seems like he’s had a tortured existence even before he rose to power.

Shattered Grid has not missed a beat as it’s grown to an even larger epic. It’s a dream for any Power Rangers fan. I know we go through events so frequently in comics and a fatigue can set in, but please do not sleep on this one. It’s a huge deal and it’s delivering on all fronts.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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