Vault Comics Celebrates Anniversary And Thanks Fans

by James Ferguson

Vault Comics has had an incredible run so far in its brief existence. The indie publisher has had a number of sell-outs with titles like Deep Roots and Wasted Space and others like Heathen and Failsafe are being adapted for other mediums. Throughout it all, the folks at Vault have had a super positive attitude that has been rather infectious. It’s like watching a David and Goliath fight as this scrappy group comes together to publish some solid genre comics.

To celebrate the publisher’s one year anniversary, Vault Comics Editor-in-Chief Adrian Wassell issued a thank you statement to fans, retailers, and creators that sheds a light on the journey they’ve had so far. You can read the full statement below:
Vault has been publishing comics for fifteen months. This March, at Emerald City Comic Con, we celebrated our one year anniversary with our very first panel, ‘New Blood: A Year in the Life of a New Publisher.’ Some wonderfully kind people showed up, but it was not a big crowd. (Thank you to everyone who did, and thank you especially to Katie Proctor, our intrepid moderator. Go support her store Books With Pictures the next time you’re in Portland, Oregon.)
If we hosted that same panel today, just two months later, we have a suspicion quite a few more folks would grab a chair, eager to hear about the most amazing and terrifying year of our lives. It’s no mystery why we have that suspicion. We’ve been on a run of some pretty incredible announcements. The kind of announcements about the kind of deals that loudly say: We are here to stay.
But our rapid growth has come with growing pains, and we want to acknowledge that. We want to acknowledge every reader, every creator, and every store that has stuck by us through release delays, through slow payments, through sometimes glacially slow communication as our small team scrambled around the office trying to keep up with deadlines. We want to thank everyone who ever had a reason to doubt us, but chose instead to give us a chance—to march beside us and boost us higher than we ever expected to reach in such a short time.
Thank you.
Here are some things few people know: When we began, Damian was finishing his doctorate at the University of Michigan. Adrian worked at a nearby ranch, helping with everything from clearing fence lines to doctoring calves. Tim worked full time at the University of Montana. Nathan drove for Uber. Kim ran her own design studio while raising her daughter (she still does both; she’s obviously the coolest).
Now we work together every day in an office with a big, encouraging Vault sign on the front window. We’ve moved from the necessarily touchy first year of a business into the even more defining second year with an exhilarating upsurge. We have many more milestones to clear. They are endless, actually, and that thrills us. We will always embrace the readers and creators that this industry has had among its ranks from day one, but has not regularly elevated, because you have embraced us—through thick and thin.
Here’s to fifteen more months, fifteen more years, fifteen more decades.
Thank you.

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