What I Want To See In future Head Lopper Stories

by Tito W. James

Despite having only two volumes and longer waits between issues, Head Lopper remains one of my favorite comics in the stands. It’s got action, fantasy, humor, and stylized art.

Andrew MacLean has stated in other interviews that the next arc will explore the origins of Norgal and Agatha’s cursed companionship when they enter an ancient city and cross swords with the Knights of Venora. With the third arc still many months away, I thought about characters and concepts I want to see in future Head Lopper stories. (If you’re reading this Andrew, please take notes).

Bee-Man was created with the aid of Kurt Busiek for the Where We Live Anthology. Despite his story lasting only a few pages, I really like the character and want to see more of him. Bee-Man would fit nicely into Head Lopper’s world as a wandering wise man full of stories.
A Cross-Over With Rumble

This has been rumored and fan speculated even during volume one of Head Lopper. After the Knights of Venora, each series will have at least at least three arcs completed. Even if it’s just for one issue, I want to see Norgal fight Rathraq.
Eastern Mythology

In MacLean’s earlier works, he experimented with martial arts characters and Eastern folklore. Norgal is a wandering warrior, so it’s possible that he could encounter some Oni or Yokai.

“Some say he’s man that became shadow while others claim shadow that became man.”

Furthermore, MacLean designed a mysterious character with long sleeves made from darkness. The design alone makes me want to see the character in more comics. Just don’t cut off his head too quickly.
Headlopper Volumes 1 and 2 are currently available from Image Comics.

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