Making A Big Splash? AHOY Comics Launches September With Creators Morrison, Russell, Nocenti And More

by Olly MacNamee

AHOY Comics, established by journalist Hart Seely, has been announced via The Hollywood Reporter, and for such a new publisher, they’ve certainly courted some pretty big name creators to come onboard. With Grant Morrison, Anne Nocenti, Mark Russell and a fair few more announced as contributors, AHOY Comics are aiming to make a big splash come September.
Each comic they’ll put out will be oversized and offer additional content such as cartoons, prose and poetry too, and coming from a range of creators working in comics and beyond, including  New Yorker cartoonists.
Seely tells THR that his goal is, “to believe you can speak truth through the fundamental telling of stories, and that’s what AHOY is going to do. I believe we can take the best of literature and the best of comics, put them in a blender and come up with something new, exciting and — most of all — true.”

As for their slate of books? First up will be two initial titles. The Wrong Earth will be a six-issue miniseries by writer Tom Peyer and artist Jamal Igle, telling the tale of two heroes with two very differing methods of fighting crime. One is a hard-ass vigilante and the other a friendlier crimefighter with a sidekick who trade places with one another and worlds unfamiliar to both. The Wrong Earth will also include back up material provided by Grant Morrison (a prose story) as well as material from Shannon Wheeler, Paul Constant and Frank Cammuso.
The second title is High Heaven, another 5 parter, again written by Peyer with art by Greg Scott. A story of a moaner stuck in the afterlife and a populace who hate moaners! Morrison again offers readers a prose story while Wheeler offers up a cartoon and and Peyer and artist Chris Giarrusso give the reader a back-up strip too.

Further to these titles, coming in October, will be Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror (a six-issue horror anthology with additional content provided by Peyer, Flintstones writer Mark Russell and cartoonist Hunt Emerson, so expect this to be both horrific and humorous in equal doses), and Captain Ginger, a four-issue series about a feline filled spaceship who have survived the death of the human race, by Stuart Moore and June Brigman. (with yet another prose story by Morrison, illustrated by Phil Hester, and another cartoon from Shannon Wheeler.

All issue are 40 pages in total and priced at $3.99, which is pretty good value in this day and age of ever decreasing page counts. And, judging by these first four titles, they’re certainly offering something for many, aren’t they?

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