E3 2018 – Creed: Rise To Glory Is An Authentic Boxing VR Experience

by Gary Catig

Michael B. Jordan is a hot commodity in Hollywood and he hasn’t been hotter since his turn as Killmonger in Black Panther. Now he is receiving the video game treatment in the upcoming Creed: Rise to Glory. Creed RTG is developed by Survios and will be out on PlayStation VR later this year. The game’s release is to help build buzz for the next film in the Rocky/Creed franchise.

Producer Kim Marlis wanted to create a fighting game that was as authentic to real life as possible.  She wanted to take full advantage of the virtual reality to provide the mechanics of fighting rather than hitting button combinations on a control pad. The development team consulted with many professionals and trainers to create a realistic boxing experience. In this game, you can step into the shoes of Adonis Creed and play through career mode with an original story approved by MGM, the company responsible for the films.

I was fortunate enough to demo the game at this year’s E3. The combination of the headset and hand controls make you feel like you’re actually in the gym training and fighting in the ring. The first part involved mini games at the gym to teach combos, speed, and accuracy in whack-a-mole type mini games. A nice touch was having Rocky Balboa as your trainer.

The final part was an a match where you could test out all you learned in training. The controls were on point and you felt you were actually boxing. You could vary your swing to throw different blows like jabs, hooks, and uppercuts and the speed you threw your punch determined the power behind it.  This ensured you couldn’t just slap your way to a knockout. In addition, head movement was a useful defensive maneuver to dodge your opponent’s attacks. It was also interesting as your character fatigued, there would be a lag between your actual thrown punch to when Creed threw his to represent the tiredness. I had quite the work out by the end of the match and I couldn’t help but see other people even worked up a good sweat.
Overall, the demo was very enjoyable and I can’t say enough how well the game controls are. Not only is Creed: Rise to Glory fun, but it can also have health benefits since it is like actual boxing. I would like to have had a stamina and health bar to indicate how close I was to being knocked out, but at least your character changes colors to let you know that you’re getting tired or almost out of energy.  The game will come out in the fall of this year and would be a good pick up for any boxing fan or VR enthusiast.

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