SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Lego Brings Star Wars And Aquaman Sets

by Gary Catig

Lego provides some of the most sought-after convention exclusives and they have gradually revealed what they will be bringing to San Diego Comic Con 2018 (SDCC). So far, they have announced two sets related to Star Wars and DC Comics. The first set is the Millennium Falcon Cockpit. It will contain 203 pieces and include Han Solo and Chewbacca. The other is Aquaman and Storm, which is comprised of 197 pieces.
Both sets will retail for $40. The packaging is a nice change of pace from most Lego toys, as they contain cartoon-like images rather than actual photographs. These images provide a comic book effect which is appropriate for where they are being sold. Also, the price might be a little high for a 200-piece set, but don’t forget that these are limited edition collectibles and can fetch significantly more on the secondary market.


No word yet on the purchasing process at SDCC. In the past you had to draw a ticket in the Pavilion Terrace, but this year the show has been utilizing an on-line lottery system for some exclusives.

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