The Battle Against Lord Drakkon Is Fought On Multiple Fronts In MMPR #28

by James Ferguson

Lord Drakkon’s war against Power Rangers across time rages on. The Mighty Morphin team splits up to combat this threat in multiple dimensions. Fortunately, they’ve got help from other teams. They all have to work together top stop a threat larger than anything they’ve ever encountered. Will their combined forces be enough to halt Drakkon’s ever-increasing power?

Main cover by Jamal Campbell.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #28 opens on a more somber note as Kim is recruiting more Rangers with the help of Jen, the Pink Time Force Ranger. Kim is still reeling from the death of Tommy, just when the two of them were growing closer. Since she’s sitting next to someone who’s literal job is to travel through time, she has hope that Tommy’s murder can be undone, however Jen explains that it’s not that easy.
This exchange reinforces the incredibly high stakes of Shattered Grid. Even if they were able to go back, there’s no guarantee that Tommy would be saved, let alone come back the way he was. He could be changed forever. Jen lets Kim down easy, explaining her own personal experience in the matter. It’s not like ripping a band-aid off, but it is no less painful.

Jen’s facial expressions show the seriousness of the situation. She’s probably tired of explaining how time travel works to people, but she can hold herself in check realizing that Kim is in a vulnerable state right now. Jen wrestles with the way to break it to Kim. Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo captures this tension well, setting a high bar for the issue right out of the gate.
While I know that Shattered Grid features Power Rangers from across the franchise’s 25 year history, I still get so excited when I see different teams together on the same page. Di Nicuolo hits on this childlike wonder that lives inside all of us. You immediately understand that this is a big deal. It’s pretty awesome to see these groups all in one place, and it gets even better when they’re in the midst of battle against Drakkon’s forces.

So imagine my excitement when I turn the page to see an all-out war featuring a whole bunch of different Power Rangers. They’re in the middle of a desert with the hot sun beating down on them. Lasers are flying every which way. Colorist Walter Baiamonte amplifies the tension in the already heated battle as you get the sense there is no shelter here. They’re completely isolated for as far as the eye can see. This is where they have to make a stand.
This sense of excitement is also on display in the covers for this issue, particularly the main cover by Jamal Campbell, grabbing a scene from this fight. Boom! Studios has been delivering a ton of awesome covers for Shattered Grid so far, and this issue is no different. They often have a nostalgia vibe, like the one by Jordan Gibson, and others just look awesome like the one by Carlos Villa showing a whole bunch of Yellow Rangers.

As incredible as this is, it pales in comparison to Lord Drakkon and his insane amount of power. He’s been taking in the abilities of Rangers from different factions to increase his own. He lands on the field and takes everyone down with a single blow. This is so much more than a cheesy monster who can grow large when things get tough. This is life and death, not only for the Rangers themselves, but for everyone they hold dear. The universe depends on them persevering and things don’t look great right now.
With everything going on during this war, it’s helpful that letterer Ed Dukeshire color codes the word balloons. We’re able to quickly understand who’s speaking over the radio as the teams work together to give orders and try to stay alive.

As if all this wasn’t enough, there’s also a covert mission into Drakkon’s palace. Yes, you get blockbuster movie levels of action, quiet moments of reflection, and a sci-fi thriller all in a single issue. Zack, Trini, and Billy are infiltrating this fortress in an effort to save Ninjor and help stop Drakkon’s acceleration. This does not come easy though.
The pacing of MMPR #28 works so well as the story bounces seamlessly between the different threads. Writer Kyle Higgins keeps all of these plates spinning. This really gives you a sense of how epic Shattered Grid is and just how far reaching this is getting. With the stakes so high, I have no idea how the Power Rangers are going to get out of this one. That makes this such an incredible read. After killing Tommy, it’s clear that no one is safe, so what else is in store for us as Shattered Grid continues?
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #28 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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