Gobelins Animated Shorts Stun The Crowd At Annecy 2018

by Tito W. James

The Annecy Animated Film Festival is held in the city of Annecy in southeastern France. It’s the largest international animation festival in the world and every year each nation’s best and brightest cartoonists gather to promote new projects and discuss industry trends. Preceding the exclusive film screenings at the festival are the impressive animated short films produced by the graduating class of animators at Gobelins L’école De L’image.

I have been a fan of these animated short films since I was a college student. It’s my love of these shorts that inspired me to attend the Annecy Animated Film Festival for the first time. I hope to live in a world one day where the artistic variety, maturity, and quality of these graduation films is matched by animated film and TV.

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