Have An Idea For An Official Lego Set? Lego Ideas Wants To Hear It

by Christine Marie Attardo

While browsing the latest Disney happenings, I came across an eye catching Lego set starring our favorite mouse. Yes, there are tons of Mickey Mouse Lego sets out there I’m sure, but have you ever seen a Steamboat Willie one? If you don’t know this animated classic cartoon, you need to watch it, because who can resist this cuteness?

Apparently tons of fans want to see this little guy in Lego form. This is my first instance of hearing of Lego Ideas, a program that takes fans dreams of Lego sets and makes them a reality. How does it work? Once a model is created and photographed, a proposal is written and submitted. Then the rest is up to you!
Disney Family weighed in on the Steamboat Willie set:

This set, which will include 156 bricks, needs to receive 10,000 votes before it has the chance to be reviewed by the company and approved as a new LEGO set. As of this post, the set has received 6,000 votes. With over 160 more days to go, we’re sure with the help of both Disney and LEGO fans, we can make this set a reality.

Take a look below and submit your vote here!

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