American Gods’ Maria Melnik To Adapt Valiant’s Faith For Sony

by Erik Amaya


Sony continues to build a Valiant film universe with Faith.
Created by Jim Shooter and David Lapham, Faith Herbert was one of the initial members of Harbinger Renegades. Raised by her grandmother following the death of her parent, Faith embraced fandom in all its dimensions before attempting to become a superhero herself when she learned about the dubious Harbinger Foundation. Thanks to Peter Stanchek, another Institute recruit, Faith discovered she had psionic abilities and the power of flight. She also happens to be plus-sized.
The character debut in 1992’s Harbinger #1, but her popularity grew when she became the focus of her own solo series in 2016, which appears to be the basis for Sony’s adaptation of Faith. Deadline reports American Gods‘ Maria Melnik will adapt the series for producers Toby Jaffe, Neal Moritz and Dan Mintz.
The film is part of Sony’s 2015 deal with Valiant Entertainment, which began with the upcoming Bloodshot film starring Vin Diesel and planned projects based on Quantum and Woody and Eternal Warrior. But Faith marks the first female hero to get a film of her own as part of the Sony/Valiant pact.
As Melnik duties on the script are only beginning, it remains to be seen who will direct or, indeed, star in the film.

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