Obama Is A One Man Wrecking Crew In New Video Game

by Gary Catig

You would have never imagined it while he was in office, but former president, Barack Obama, lead a secret life as one of the world’s most deadly soldiers. Now that he no longer runs the country, he has more time to hit the streets and clean them up for the better good.  In the new game, Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry, you take control of 44 to find and stop a threat that has been murdering well known celebrities.

The game is a classic beat ‘em up side scroller and you will have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal.  You can call in drone strikes, equip various fire arms, and if that doesn’t work, you can even smack the enemies around with a baguette. The official description is below:

This independently created and produced game features a brand new hero, this one is not an endorsed celebrity but a parody of one of the greatest heroes of our time. Some fool has been icing celebrities and he ain’t slowing down. When the fuzz can’t crack the case and the private dicks don’t have a clue, Dirty Barry gets the call. Jet to Paris and even outer space, battling crazy bosses and their mad minions as the ex-POTUS-on-notice dispenses justice for all.

If you’re interested in picking up Dirty Barry, it can be found as the now not so secret downloadable game included with Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, which is out now. Don’t wait too long though as it is a timed exclusive. To be honest, Dirty Barry looks more fun than the actual game it comes with.

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